Kev Morel 'Flatpack Gallows' LP

Assembled with the help of friends & family

Kev Morel:

Resident producer for Dogface Records, Kev has been in or around the Manchester music scene for nearly 10 years; playing with bands ‘The Consolations’, ‘The Jannocks’ and ‘Still Down Gill’ as well as producing many of Manchester’s singer-songwriters and bands including Robert John, ‘Clarke Van Gelder’, Richard Lomax and ‘Forge On!’

Whilst on European tour as percussionist and backing vocalist for ‘Robert John’, Kev Morel in a state of mild inebriation and buoyed by the success of the tour was convinced to get up on stage with guitar and “do a few of his own”. In spite of limited guitar and solo experience and also a bout of double vision, the performance went down well and an idea was born… “Next July I’ll be back to do a full set!”

18 months and 2 successful support tours later Kev returned to Europe once more, again with Robert John, but this time for the official release of his début solo album ‘Flatpack Gallows’, released by Dogface Records 2014.

Flatpack Gallows:

'Flatpack Gallows’ was assembled over 9 months thanks to the dedication and support of: 13 musicians, 20 financial backers, 2 promoters, 2 emotional crutches, 2 record labels, 2 artistic designers, 1 charity, 1 frustrated songwriter and of course 1 mum!

Contributors include members of Manchester's finest bands including 'Honeyfeet', 'Louis Barabbas & The Bedlam Six', 'Victorian Dad Band' and 'Clarke Van Gelder' as well as members of Liz Green's band and was mixed and mastered by Debt Records' Biff Roxby.

Contributors list: Ben Hayward (bass, classical guitar) Biff Roxby (baritone guitar, cello, flugabone, trombone, tuba) Chris Ball (organ) Clement Neveu (bass) Ellis Davies (lead guitar) Fran Lydiatt (keys, synths) Jess Shenton (vocals) Kev Morel (beats, drums, percussion, synths vocals) Matthew Cleghorn (lapsteel) Mickey Van Gelder (lead guitar) Pat Clarke (harmonica) Peer Che Faire (xylophone) Phill Howley (brushes, percussion) Robert John (bass, lead guitar)

Artwork by Dan Morris & Zimmy Iredale - Augustendiele Video by Christion Hotz - Nachtigal Video by Tino Voelkle

Home Photo: Christine Keating - Background photo: Martin Müllner - Bio Photo: Andy Darbyshire




Ridiculously talented….. Not many men can hold an audience’s attention with a song about toast, but dammit he did” INDIE ROCK KID REVIEW